Sally Vogl-Bauer’s abuse at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


A grad student with a learning disability describes, what appears to be a first account, a degrading experience via illustration and personal account/voice over in a YouTube video. This has ensued a lawsuit. The professor, Sally Vogl-Bauer, who allegedly is the culprit of this abuse is suing the student. What do you think about that? The case and the end result of the lawsuit is most intriguing.


“Zero Translation” in China: Popular English words and catch phrases used by the Chinese are frowned on by some, embraced by others.


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“Zero Translation” in China: Popular English words and catch phrases used by the Chinese are frowned on by some, embraced by others.

In today’s Chinese publications, English abbreviations and acronyms also pop up frequently without any Chinese translations: GDP, WTO, Wifi, CEO, MBA, VIP and the air pollutant term PM2.5 are among the most popular.

This phenomenon, termed “zero translation”, has sparked a fierce debate, with the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper People’s Daily the latest to join the fray.

“Why is zero translation so prevalent?” screams the headline in a recent commentary piece, citing as a bad example the text below, which considers the merits of an open source platform.


“Why do we have translations for Nokia and Motorola, but not for iPhone or iPad?” ask the authors.

What irritates them is the fact that these foreign terms are found not only in newspapers and online, but in serious science journals as well.


Does Study Abroad Accelerate Personal Growth?


Does Study Abroad Accelerate Personal Growth?

Rare is the research on study abroad that helps define what we so often refer to as the “transformational experience.” A recent study in Germany does just that, linking standard psychological measures to the effect of a sojourn abroad. We asked clinical psychologist Richard McGourty, a consultant to NAFSA who is familiar with our field, to do a review of this important new research in layman’s terms.

This study illuminates the value that we so cherish and long to experience/share as international educators, “the study abroad experience.” Author:Richard McGourty


Projected Trends of Higher Education for 2014


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Projected Trends of Higher Education for 2014

These articles serve as a good “snapshot” of some of the current challenges that different regions of the world are facing as far as international higher education is concerned. As for North America,

Leaders at three of North America’s top universities have highlighted the need for creative solutions and adaptability across the higher education system in the light of persistent global economic uncertainty, spiralling student loan debt and crippling institutional operating costs. But they also expressed considerable optimism. … The challenge is responding to the changing demographics of those studying at higher education institutions across North America.

Are MOOCs or satellite campuses the answer? It will be interesting to see how the U.S. Government will respond to immigration reform demands, the depleting populations of some international students (studying abroad elsewhere), and the rising trends of technology-based education (i.e. MOOCs).